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*All images are taken directly in Unity with minimal/no editing; i.e. what you see is what you get*

Visit the sample avatar world :

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Avatar Title: PROTOTYPE

Version: v1.1.1 - VRC


Terms of Use:

What you can do:

- You may upload private versions of the avatar

- You may upload public versions of the avatar provided:

* you credit in a noticeable place (i.e. avatar thumbnail, radial menu)

* your public version of the avatar is edited in a noticeable way (i.e. don't upload the original version as public. Be creative!)

- You may commission others for edits of the avatar

- You may create and sell clothing items that fit this model as long as none of the assets from this package are in the package you sell

- Streaming or VTubing with this model is OK

What you can't do:

- Do not claim the original as your own

- Do not redistribute any of the files in this package

- Do not resell any of the assets in this package

If you are in need for a more permissive license, please contact me directly (voxie AT


- Fully rigged with twist bones including full body mesh, facial rig

- Blendshape based facial expressions and visemes

- 60+ face customization shape keys (180+ face shape keys total)

- Multiple body customization shape keys (narrower waist, thicker thighs, bigger butt, wider hips, bigger/flatter chest)

- SRanipal blendshapes for face-tracking included

- Optimized PBR textures, detail normal maps, baked AO maps, and emission map textures

- Includes several Performance Ranking versions

  • Very Poor PC Version: 87550 triangles, 7 skinned meshes, 10 material slots
  • Poor PC Version: 66078 triangles, 6 skinned meshes, 10 material slots
  • Medium Quest Version: 14963 triangles, 1 skinned mesh, 1 material slot

- Includes ready-to-upload Avatars 3.0 prefab with pre-configured menus and animations

- Includes Quest version

- Includes bonus Witch Hat accessory (PC version only)

- Includes PC and Quest prefabs ready for Facetracking through VRCFT (

- Preconfigured hand gesture face expressions

- Designed for Full-Body Tracking with twist bones in all major joints

- Includes GoGo Loco locomotion controller for repositioning your body in 3-point VR or Desktop mode

- Radial sliders for adjusting lighting / shadow strength ingame (PC version only)

- Physbones in hair, breasts, belly, thighs, butt, and boots

- Fully compatible with Non-VR (Desktop) mode

- Eye/Facetracking is toggleable with fallbak to hand gesture animations when disabled

Toggles (PC only)

- All clothing is toggleable

- 3 different hair colors (Brown, Blonde, Black)

- 3 hair lengths (Short, Medium, Long)

- "Boy Mode" toggle (flattens chest + bulge)

- Alternate black color scheme toggle

VRChat PC Upload Instructions


Poiyomi Toon Shader v8.0.426

Latest VRChat Creator Companion (

* Make a new project using VRChat Creator Companion (

* Add VRChat SDK3 - Avatars to your newly created project

* Open the new project in Unity

* Import Poiyomi Toon v8.0.426 unitypackage (

* Open VoxieNewProtoWolfGirl scene in Assets/VoxieProtoWolfGirl/Scenes

* Choose the avatar prefab that you want to upload. By default the full version without Facetracking is unhidden.

To upload a different version, enable the object in the Inspector window and hide the other objects.

* Open the VRChat SDK menu found in the toolbar and log in

* Press "Build & Publish for Windows" at the bottom of the Builder menu

* Allow Poiyomi Toon Shader to lock the materials if not already locked (it will take a few minutes)

* In the Game window, input a name for your upload, then press Upload

- If upload fails, check if the Pipeline Manager component has a Blueprint ID in it, and if it does, press Detach.

* To upload for Quest, press the "Switch Build Target to Windows" button in the VRChat SDK Builder window

* Unhide the Quest prefab you want to upload

* In the Inspector window, paste the same avatar ID as your PC version into the Pipeline Manager component Blueprint ID field

* Press "Build & Publish for Android" at the bottom of the builder menu


If you have questions, need help with this model, or just want to chat, contact me on Discord: voxie#6666 or by e-mail (voxie AT



  • By request, separate Boy Mode into two toggles - "Flat Chest" and "Bulge"
  • Updated menus and parameters to use new Boy Mode submenu
  • Updated animator controllers with new bulge toggle
  • Fix bad hat position on VP SFW FT, Poor NSFW, Poor SFW, Poor NSFW FT, Poor SFW FT
  • Remove Avatars 3.0 Emulator GameObject in UploadScene


  • Add new UV Map to BodyMerged mesh (UV2) for flat male chest
  • Add BodyMale base color, normal map, and mask textures for UV2
  • Adjust Jacket blendshapes (Morph/BoyMode, Morph/BiggerChest, new Morph/BoyModeZipperFix)
  • Applied default prefab blendshape settings on Body (HideOuterLowerLashes to 0, Teeth blendshapes, CheekPuffLeft to 0)
  • Edit Body_Leggings, Body materials for boy mode normals
  • New Body RGBA mask (Textures/Body/Body_Leggings_RGBMask)
    • Key - (R: Leggings, G: Nails, B: LeggingsCloth, A: BodyMale)
  • Adjust face normals
  • Adjust boot physbone settings
  • Adjust body outlines thinner
  • BoyMode animation now animates Morph/Waist/Narrower
  • Mesh is now all tris/quads for tangent space export
  • Set mesh import settings to import Tangents to fix bad normals
  • Removed Adj/Eyelid/HideOuterLowerLashes morph
  • Fix inverted red channel in Hair_Normal map
  • Reduce export texture resolution of some textures that were too big


Initial Release

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You'll get the unitypackage with ready to upload VRChat Avatars 3.0 prefabs

Includes several ready to upload PC/Quest prefabs:
Performance Rank | Triangle Count | Material Slots
PC Very Poor | 87,550 tris | 10 slots
PC Poor | 66,078 tris | 10 slots
Quest Medium | 14,963 tris | 1 slot
Eye/facetracking compatible using VRCFT
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